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Members of CAAAV and Black New Yorkers march in protest past the now-demolished Sun Sing Theatre, under the Manhattan Bridge in Manhattan's Chinatown. Protestors hold signs calling for racial justice and an end to police brutality. Banner picutured…

“There is no wealth in our silence. Do you still believe policing will protect our community or are you ready to fight against police brutality?” Originally, “況黙不是金, 法理定要爭” (kuàng mò bùshì jīn, fǎlǐ dìng yào zhēng), this poster along with an…
On March 13, 1996, twelve demonstrators took over the office of Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes to demand justice for the police brutality cases involving Yong Xin Huong and Anibal Carrasquillo Jr. The sit-in called for Hynes to indict NYPD Officers…
In protest of Mayor Giuliani's policies, police brutality, and other issues, coordinated protests across New York City took place, with two tunnels and two bridges being peacefully taken over. CAAAV helped organize the Manhattan Bridge action, which…
Six CAAAV members wearing orange vests inscribed with "Justice" on the back face away from the camera towards a group of people. A woman standing with them has a "Free Palestine" sticker on her backpack.
A woman CAAAV Justice Project member wearing an orange vest converses with another woman at a demonstration. A blue NYPD barricade and other demonstrators are behind them.
Members of CAAAV congregate under a large banner held up with two poles which reads, "Stop Racist Violence: Coalition Against Anti-Asian Violence." Also present are members of the Black community with which they are demonstrating.
Protests in support of establishing Palestinian's civil rights in the conflict with Israel.
Protesters raise awareness of mass media stereotypes against Asian Americans in Time Square
Youth protesting in Time Square in the late 1990's for racial and economic equality.
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