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Project Directors

Vivian Truong is a historian and educator from Brooklyn, New York. She first became involved in CAAAV as an intern in 2011, later joined the staff as a youth organizer, and is currently co-chair of CAAAV's board of directors. She teaches Asian American and U.S. history at Swarthmore College.

Minju Bae is a historian and educator who conducts research at the intersection of labor history and Asian American Studies. She became involved with CAAAV in 2013 and a year later, began to work with the organization's archival materials. She currently teaches at Rutgers University and will be joining New York University's faculty in 2024. 

Maggie Schreiner is an archivist and public historian who focuses on supporting movements for racial and economic justice through liberatory memory work. Maggie teaches about community archives at New York University and is a doctoral student in History at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Summer Research Assistants, Swarthmore College

  • Zachary Kreines
  • Ethan Liang
  • Lauren Rohde
  • Serena Xiao Wei Yang

Students of “Bitter Melon: Race, Foodways, and Urbanisms of Asian America” at New York University 

  • Gray Danforth
  • Shromona Mandal 
  • Caroline To 
  • Kelsey Tsuchiyama 
  • Harrison Tsui 

Students of “Archiving Asian America” at Vassar College 

  • Connor Grehan 
  • Phoebe Jacoby 
  • Chris Chieng 
  • Clara LeBlanc 
  • Grace Han 

Students of “Community Archives” at New York University 

  • Helen Stec 
  • Nicole Font 
  • Emma Griffin 
  • Jubilee Marshall 
  • Julia Gatenio
  • Will Brown 
  • Hannah Berman 
  • Camila Aguirre Sarubbi
  • Mary Tsaltas-Ottomanelli 
  • Laura Juliano
  • Allegra Favila 
  • Marissa Ajamian Grossman 
  • Beau Lancaster 


  • Alison Roh Park 
  • Rachel Kuo
  • Yu-Shih Huang

Newsletter digitization 

  • Sandra Chen 
  • Jeffrey Louie
  • Bud Gankhuyag
  • KC Ho
  • Monie Seto
  • Michelle Loo
  • Kristiana Reyes

Members of Asian Youth in Action

  • Lillian Fok
  • Arlene Gao 
  • Sabrina Jalal
  • Emily Li
  • Caitlin Peng
  • Xuan Wang
  • Molly Wu
  • Wilson Wu
  • Annie Zheng

Oral History Project

  • Kyla Cheung
  • Yuan Wang
  • KZ Zheng

Ariella Rotramel and Students from Connecticut College

  • Kali Guise
  • Devon Stahl
  • Hanako Brais

Thank you

  • Zach Coble
  • Jojo Karlin

If you’ve contributed and you’d like to be included in this list, please reach out to us at archive@caaav.org. Thank you!