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Two women stand in front of a large banner that says "Yong Xin Huang, July 17, 1978 - March 24, 1995, Unjustly Killed by the Police." The banner hangs on a chain link fence. One woman holds a pad of paper and an electronic bullhorn so that the second…
A group of people at a demonstration, holding a banner that says "Asians for Mumia."
Group of Asian people holding signs with the names and death dates of victims of anti-Asian violence during the 1980s and 1990s. The largest and most prominent sign has the name of Vincent Chin on it.
Main focus is on a white man on the sidewalk holding a sign stating, "Drivers Want Justice" as part of a Lease Drivers Coalition (LDC) initiative. Other non-white people are involved as well, but are partially blocked by the man in front.
Meeting of CAAAV youth members, technology and props in the background.
CAAAV meeting of young members, props and work being done in the background.
A group of people taking part in the 1997 Racial Justice Day demonstration, holding banners and signs. One sign reads "ASIANS / FOR / RACIAL / JUSTICE."
A group of people at Racial Justice Day 1997, holding signs that read, "Asians for Racial Justice" and "_ Against Anti-Asian Violence."
A group of people at a Racial Justice Day demonstration, with a man and a woman holding a partially obstructed banner that reads "ASIANS / RACIST JUSTICE" and several demonstrators holding signs with dates and descriptions of past injustices.
A group of people at a demonstration, walking in a circle in front of an office building, with one woman holding a sign that reads, "BREAK THE SILENCE: EXPOSE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN."
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