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Taken at the Jericho demonstration on March 27, 1998, this photograph shows members and allies of CAAAV who joined the widely coalitional Washington, DC march to protest the incarceration of political prisoners and prisoners of war in the United…
A group of people taking part in the 1997 Racial Justice Day demonstration, holding banners and signs. One sign reads "ASIANS / FOR / RACIAL / JUSTICE."
A group of people at Racial Justice Day 1997, holding signs that read, "Asians for Racial Justice" and "_ Against Anti-Asian Violence."
A group of people at a Racial Justice Day demonstration, with a man and a woman holding a partially obstructed banner that reads "ASIANS / RACIST JUSTICE" and several demonstrators holding signs with dates and descriptions of past injustices.

1993_June_NNAAV PSA release_0001_a.jpg
"Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence" banner is held for a press conference by National Network on Anti-Asian Violence, which included CAAAV
Main focus is on a white man on the sidewalk holding a sign stating, "Drivers Want Justice" as part of a Lease Drivers Coalition (LDC) initiative. Other non-white people are involved as well, but are partially blocked by the man in front.
Four "for rent" signs on a Chinatown building.

Five "For Rent" signs are fixed to a building in Chinatown (Manhattan). The signs partially obscure tenants' windows.

Footage of interview conducted in Spanish with Mele.
A person wearing a “Justice” vest standing next to three police officers at a rally.
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