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Browse video materials from CAAAV's archives. Use the links at the bottom of each page to link to the video files, which are hosted through Google Drive.

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Footage of a panel organized by NYU and CAAAV featuring Marilyn Young as the moderator, Risa Morimoto, Una Chaudhuri, Sudipto Chatterjee, Eric Tang (associated with CAAAV), and Cyrus Patel. Topic of panel was Asians in America. Each panelist speaks…

Footage of sitdown interview with two women, Christina and Lynne, about their experiences with SPAM while each grew up in the Philippines and Hawaii.

TV news segment in Chinese about a public hearing on police brutality organized by many New York City social justice organizations. Attendees interviewed in both Chinese and English. Among those interviewed is Hyun Lee of CAAAV.

Footage of interview conducted in Spanish with Jorge and in English with Juan, who works as an organizer at Latino Workers Center. He explains that Taste Bud food delivery workers were being mistreated, being given no rights, inhumane working…

Footage shot for DCTV's documentary, Canal Street: First Stop in America

TV segments from multiple news channels covering news related to CAAAV and police brutality. Also present is footage from TV show Law & Order, interspersed with commercials.

Footage from a racial solidarity protest held in front of the Washington Square Arch protesting against police brutality.

Footage of speakers from a rally organized by CAAAV with other racial justice organizations. Speakers include family members of people killed by police and staff of the participating racial justice organizations. There is also footage of the…

TV segment about a multi-issue protest in which CAAAV took part. The protest blocked multiple bridges and was against increases in tuition at state universities, cuts to health care, and police brutality.

TV segments covering both CAAAV's preparations for a protest outside the US Attorney's office to demand a federal investigation into the
killing of Yong Xin Huang at the hands of an NYPD officer, since a city grand jury had refused to indict him,…
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